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Airsoft UK's list of friends and partners

Our Partners

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Join the family

We're currently working on our digital capabilities.
However we're looking to reach out and grow our relationships with new partners.
If you want to be part of this journey please get in touch.

Team plans

What is the team plan

Here at Airsoft UK we have 4 plans that teams can align themselves against

Featured and Exclusive
These are the highest plans. Featured teams appear on the featured areas on all our pages. They also appear at the top of our Teams page and exclusively at the top of the sponsor page. We can only have a select number of featured teams.
Along with the featured slots, you can have team news announced in our site news and on our twitter.
This offers the greatest exposure as you will be seen first.

Exclusive is the highest plan. We can have multiple featured teams, however if you purchase this plan you will get the entire featured area for your team for the duration of the agreement. During this time featured teams will be deferred until the exclusive teams duration has ended.

Partnered teams are like family. We work closely with partnered teams to help build our community and improve what we do. In return they get a dedicated area, exposure on all pages and can share content. We have varying levels of partnership, each unique. Please reach out to learn more.

This is the standard plan. Teams with a basic plan still get placement on the site and their details included. You still have access to all our services.


Get in touch be featured here.
For a short time we're not charging any fee's, but that wont last forever!

The next events are...

Airsoft UK : Player loadout competition!

More Coming Soon!

What bugs you?

If you could change 1 thing about airsoft.
What would it be?