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Hope you have all had a great weekend!

While you have all been hopefully having a great time at the arisoft sites, we've been working hard topup date our site with a new News section.

This will allow us to post updates to our site and twitter at the same time! Not only does this help us keep consistancy across our world but also allows us to get the infomation to you as soon as possible!

It also allows for an area for you to catch-up on anything that you may have missed.

Like most things, it is in its early stages and will grow and improve with time, so we welcome any constructive feedback via our contact page.

Next we plan on working on our team section. However while we work on this we'll also be working hard to update our sites list.

So we encourage any site owners to get in touch so we can start to fill in your details and get your site included.

Upcoming updates:

Teams Area
Player Area
Increase weapon details
Additions to weapon catalogue
Update Gear catalogue
Increase Site database
Complete Events area

Yup we have some hard work ahead of us!


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