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Covid 19 Update

All the sites that we have confirmed to be open with confirmed starting game days

Confirmed List

List of all confirmed sites below. If you run a airsoft site and would like to get yours added to the list, please use the events page details

Currently we have the following sites confirmed when they are open again

Ace Combat (25th July) -

Absolute Airsoft (5th July) -

Ambush Activities (4th July) -

Airsoft Cardiff (28th June) -

Ace Target Skye -

AWA Herts Airsoft (4th July) -

Black Hills Airsoft (4th July) -

Badlands Airsoft (12th July) -

Bravo Romeo Airsoft (5th July) -

Battle Stations Activity Center (4th) -

Combat Airsoft Portadown (28th June) -

Cornwalls Elite Airsoft -

Commando Elite Airsoft (4th July) -

Combat South (4th July) -

Dragons Lair Airsoft (5th July) -

Driver Wood Paintball (4th July) -

Fireball Squadron (4th July) -

Friendly Fire Airsoft (3rd July) -

FRV Airsoft (28th June) -

Gunman Airsoft (3rd July) -

Ground Zero Airsoft (5th July) -

humber airsoft (4th July) -

Hardline Airsoft (5th July) -

Incursion Airsoft (28th June) -

Invicta Battlefield (19th July) -

Lincolnshire Airsoft Club (5th July) -

Lagan Airsoft Club (10th July) -

Matlock Combat Games (4th July) -

The Mill NI (3rd July) -

Op Tac UK (12th July) -

Predator Airsoft -

Quex activity Airsoft (4th) -

Red 1 Airsoft (26th July) -

Reforger Airsoft ( 12th July) -

Rift Airsoft (4th July) -

Skirmish Airsoft Billericay (5th July) -

South Coast CQB (12th July) -

Survival Paintball (5th July) -

SPlatoon Paintball Airsoft (Already open) -

Spec Ops Airsoft (5th July) -

Skirmish Wycombe (2nd August) -

Southdown Airsoft (12th July) -

Tactical warfare (4th July) -

Torrent Warfare (4th July) -

West Midlands Airsoft (4th July) -

Yorkshire Tactical Airsoft (12th July) -

Un-Confirmed List

List of all sites yet to be confirmed. If you run one of the following sites please get in touch.

Ambush Adventures
Northeast Tactical Action Centre
Arena Airsoft
THE BUNKER (Aber Airsoft)
Airborne 101 Airsoft Club
Airsoft GB
Action Wargames
Ancaster Leisure Enterprises
Alpha 55
Raw War Airsoft
ASD Events (Slaughter House)
Bristol Blackops
Bristol Blackops
Bristol Airsoft
Battleground Airsoft
Bus Airsoft Team
Battle Grounds Scotland Ltd
Beacon 155
Bunker Airsoft South Wales
Bravo Two Two Airsoft Ltd t Ltd ta Bravo 22
Battle Sector X Ltd
Close Action Airsoft Ltd
Combat Action Games
Cotswold Airsoft
Combat Paint Ball Ltd (Combat Airsoft)
Combat Ready Airsoft Ltd
Cool Under Fire
The Ex Site
District 23 Billingham Ltd (OMG Events)
D C Active Ltd t/as Skirmish Leicester
Dirty Dog Airsoft
Airsporter CQB
The Department CQB
D.T.W Airsoft Ltd
Dragon Valley Ltd
First and Only Airsoft
Finmere Airsoft
Frontier Airsoft UK
Free Fire Zone
The Grange ( Frogmore Grange Ltd )
Fear Masters Airsoft
Fife Wargames Ltd
Goat Airsoft Ltd
Hard Target Airsoft
Halo Mill
Havoc Airsoft GB Ltd
Holmbush Paintball
The Hill Airsoft Ltd
Hoots Lair Airsoft Club Ltd
Hammer 11 Operations
Imperium Battlegrounds
Island Recon Airsoft
KGB Airsoft
Lindsey Airsoft
Lock n Load
Land Warrior Skirmishing
Maddog Airsoft .High Harthay Outdoor Pursuits.
Midlands Airsoft Wargames
Mad Mommas Airsoft
Military Outdoor Adventure
Hockley Airsoft Arena ( MPA Enterprises Ltd )
Mayhem South East
Midwales airsoft
Northern Alliance Airsoft
No Limits Paintball and Laser Ltd
Nomad Airsoft
NPF Bassets Pole
Northern Skirmishing Club
Adrenalin Airsoft - Adrenalin North Yorkshire Ltd.
Over The Top Airsoft Club
Phoenix Airsoft Adventures
Pathfinder Airsoft Club
Outpost Paintball
Player of War
Pistol Shrimps Airsoft Arena
Predator Zone Ltd
Raptor Airsoft The Creek
Paintball Extreme T/A Run Around The Woods
Red Alert Paintball
Reaper Ops
Ravenshead Airsoft
Rogue Airsoft ( Battlefield Live T/A)
Section 8 Airsoft. Midas Airsoft Ltd trading as
Scarborough Airsoft Club
Skirmish Exeter (Charsima Leisure)
Sussex Activities Group
Spartan Airsoft Ltd
Swat Airsoft Newry
Independence16 Ltd (Scorpion Airsoft)
Spartan Airsoft South West
Skirmish Central
Scorpion Airsoft
Sabotage Events Ltd
Shock and Awe Airsoft Ltd
Skirmish Hilton Park ( Phoenix Paintball Ltd )
Skirmish Airsoft Nottingham (UK Airsoft Ltd)
Swindon Airsoft
Special Ops Airsoft
Skirmish Airsoft Norwich (Skirmish Paintball)
Southern Skirmish Airsoft
Stormforce Airsoft
University of Southampton Airsoft Society
Southdown Airsoft
Armoury Action Air
Tank Track Activity Centre
A.A.A. CQB t.a Triple A Airsoft Ltd
Taskforce Paintball
Tazball Activities
Team Black Thistle
Tech Bregade
The Foundry CQB (Leeds Airsoft Ltd)
The Fort
The Fight School
The Gaol Events
Trigger Happy Airsoft ( OakView Trading)
Tac House Spartan Airsoft Ltd
Thunderpark Paintball and Airsoft
All Arms Airsoft
Invasion Airsoft
The Territory
Southwest Paintball Ltd ( UCZ Paintball Parks )
UPSU Airsoft Club
Ultimate Airsoft LTD / Bunker 51
Ultimate Wargames Limited
Valhalla Airsoft
Twisted Realities
Ironsight Airsoft (Woodlands Outdoor Leisure Ltd)
Warminster Activity Centre Ltd
The War Games Centre
Wastelands Airsoft
Sentinel Airsoft Ltd
Zed Adventures


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