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Welcome to our new site and hopefully soon your new airsoft home.

Welcome to Airsoft UK
Soon we'll bring you all the latest Airsoft events right across the UK.

We're currently getting everything in order.
It's going to take a little while until we're sorted.

However watch this space as we'll be hosting competitions whilest we're working, to give a few lucky people some nice goodies!

Keep yourself up to date by following us on twitter, for all the latest announcements.

Latest News

Latest added gear, sites, events and teams

Latest added sites:
Ambush Adventures
Northeast Tactical Action Centre
Arena Airsoft

Latest gear update:
We have finally completed the weapon list. This means you can now look through any weapons we have stored info on
Next we plan on making this bigger and better!

Latest Site Updates

Updated our weapons page

We have released our first version of the weapons page!
We'll keep working on our collection to make it the biggest yet.
Follow the link below

Assault rifle
New compare page created

We have released our first version of the compare page!
We'll keep working on it to make it bigger and better.
Follow the link below

Assault rifle and pistol to compare
New contact forms

We've updated our contact and Sites page with new forms to make it easier to get in touch

Because of this we are now able to start accepting airsoft sites details through the sites page.
So if you own a site please get in touch and let us know who you are!

About Us

Who we are

Here at Airsoft-UK we want to bring you everything you need for airsoft in one location.
Guns, Site details, Events, you name it and soon well have it.

Being airsofters ourselves we often find ourselves looking around for the next mil-sim event or game day. We've scoured the shops for that right rifle only to find another brand or model pops up and catches our eye right after we've clicked buy. So we put our heads together and though sod it, lets make somewere that airsofters in the UK can go, to get what they need. Lets bring the sites together as a community. Lets get airsoft firmly on the map in the UK.
Thus Airsoft UK was born.

We hope you stick around to watch us grow!


Get featured here!
Get in touch to have your site, event, or shop offer featured here.
For a short time we're not charging any fee's, but that wont last forever!

The next 3 events are...

Coming Soon!

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